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Madrid Motorway M50

Written by James Simpson Monday, 06 June 2011 10:30
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Madrid M50 Motorway Attempt Robbery
The below report from a neighbour today. I am informed that the only Police who will stop moving cars on motorways or main roads are Guardia Civil Traffico, even drug squads would use Traffico to do the stops. It looks to me like an attempted robbery but for some reason they did not follow through. Our advice in any such cases is to drive to the nearest services (or Police Station if nearby) and stop in as busy a location as possible. Also try and obtain as much of a description of the men and vehicle used as possible. "We had just passed Madrid airport on the M50 when a plain unmarked VWGolf size car with 3 or 4 burley people in it waved me down. Remembering you web sight and the experiences of people driving on the motorway passed Barcelona and being mugged and stripped of everything, I carried on driving. Then a man in the back showed some sort of identity pass and waved me in. Still reluctant I carried on and was then waved in with vigour. Still no identifying markings on the car! We eventually pulled over and a large sized man got out still no identifying uniform but he showed me an identity pass that stated police! Still not convinced I only wound the window down a bit. The man was getting agitate, I was getting nervous and was looking for my escape route passed the VW. He the pulled the door open "SHXX" did not lock the door. He said he was tourist police!! Even more suspicion! He the asked if I was Spanish residential and I said No, he asked for passports and with trepidation we passed one. He then thrust his hand in the car and felt my pockets and demanded the wallet, is this time to make a break!!! There was not a lot in the wallet and I let him inspect, he pulled out a couple of euro notes and smelt them. He then said do I have any drugs!! I said we are over 60 and do not do drugs. His reply we have problem with French drug trafficking to which I said we are English. With all this he said you look scared and we tried to say you have no uniform and we could be in the process of being mugged. He then stated he was drug squad and wanted my wifes wallet and to see all of our documents to which he sniffed them all. He asked for any other wallets and I stated the UK wallets are packed in suit cases. With that he gave my wifes documents back and just went back to his car and shot OFF. All very confusing, can you believe a police pass when you do not know what it should look like and could easy be a fake. No identifying uniform just a pass, a scruffy VW Golf size car no blue light, full of large sized men!!! For us it did not turn out to be a disaster, but was all very confusing!!!
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