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Foiled Robbery - El Limonar

Written by Jan Price Sunday, 19 June 2011 19:10
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Foiled Robbery at El Limonar
A NHW coordinator was suspicious of a man sitting in the shade with a bottle of water and a dark orange car nearby, looking up the Calle, strolling down the Calle were two teenagers who went around the corner to the next Calle which leads to the back of the properties. A man came out of the house next to the intended one to be robbed and said to the coordinator that he heard a noise. Meanwhile the man with the dark orange car drove the wrong way up the Calle to the corner, the coordinator and the neighbour decided to check around the back of the casa, as they were turning the corner the two teenagers ran past them and jumped into the black car, which then shot away. On checking the property the security door lock had been broken, but they came up against a strong padlock, which stopped them from gaining entry, and also the arrival of the coordinator and neighbour caused them to run. Unfortunately the car number was not taken. The family in the casa had obviously been watched as it happened whilst they had gone up to the swimming pool for a swim. Please take all care you can as these incidents are on the increase on El Limonar. be aware of your surroundings at all times.
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