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Torrevieja – Las Barcas Safety and Security tips

Safety and Security tips

Written by Scott Blair Thursday, 12 April 2012 07:26
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Tips to help with safety and security Keep your doors and security grills shut and locked if you are not actually in the room or are on the terrace or patio. Do not hang towels over the balcony to dry…this says “holidaymaker”. Owners do not do this. Keep wallets and handbags out of sight from doorways, as it only takes a thief one moment to step inside and then be away. We strongly advice you not to carry a handbag. If you must then please observe the following. When out walking, keep handbags under your arms or around your shoulders and wallets in zipped pockets. Do not put wallets and purses in backpacks. Be especially vigilant in street markets. Do not leave handbags and wallets casually on seats in bars and cafes, but rather put one leg through the strap and have them between your ankles or knees. Be wary of strangers asking directions, especially in supermarket car parks and at cash points. In these situations, thieves work in teams, so be alert at all times. If in the car, lock the doors and sound the horn. Lock your car, even when in it and check that the windows are properly closed and no bags, cameras or other valuable items are in sight. Do not take valuables or leave bags unattended while at the beach. Take the amount of money needed for food and drink for the day. Watch out for people lying on the beach with no towels or belongings. It is strongly advised to remember to remove car rental stickers from windows and bumpers
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