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Sat Nav Advice

It is well known advice that if you have a Sat Nav in your car that you should take it with you when you park up do not hide it in the vehicle
Most importantly DO NOT PUT YOUR EXACT HOME OR HOLIDAY ADDRESS into the device i.e. house number and road name
for example. If you do happen to have your Sat Nav stolen from your car or person all the thief has to do is switch it on, go to home address, he is guided there and he knows you are not in!    If you are unsure how to get back home, especially if you are renting a property for a holiday, put in an address close by such as a restaurant or the Police Station etc.  Do not programme in someone elses home address for obvious reasons.

Holiday advice

Neighbourhood Watch in Spain know we all like to feel safe and secure, especially when on holiday with family or friends and keeping safe is something we all need to think about, but sometimes take for granted. Personal safety is all about planning ahead, thinking about the possible risks and taking realistic, practical steps to avoid them if possible. No amount of precautions can make us completely safe but we can learn to avoid many of the dangers and learn how to react quickly when we are at risk. The following simple, practical tips will make for a safer holiday.


Useful Forms

We have compiled a collection of useful documents that you can download to your computer and print out.



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