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Beware doorstep callers!

Well, we all know about the fraudulent 'Gas Man'.  Now, it seems, the latest version is the 'Water Man' fraud!   According to the Spanish press, AGAMED, the local water company, have detected "False technicians selling water filters".   The report states that AGAMED are warning the public against these fraudsters who pass as water board inspectors, in a manner very simliar to the 'fraudulent gas man', gain admission to residents homes (at their invitation) and, once inside, insist that they purchase some kind of 'mineral filter' which, according to AGAMED is "unecessary and expensive".

Burglary - Police need your help

The following information has been passed to the Policia Local in Torrevieja, Guardia Civil and also Policia Nacional.   Although this burglary took place in Torrevieja they could  operate on a wider radius.  Please be on the lookout for these thieves – they could well operate in your area. The robbery occurred on Calle Madame Curie at Urbanisation Durado in Torrevieja on 4th January.   The robbery involved 4 men, 3 entered the property, climbing over the Urbanisation gate, and the other was the getaway driver. The men were described as 2 slightly dark possibly Spanish with the other white, the driver of the car was also white. It is known that a television was stolen.   The car was a Silver Grey Ford Focus, number 3320FCF or FFC. The police attended within 10mins of the call being made on 112 and have put an alert onto there traffic system. If you see anything suspicious call 112 and let your Lead Coordinator know.

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