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Mobile phone Scams

Mobile phone scams

Scams that come to you on your mobile can be difficult to recognise. They might come from somebody who talks as if they know you; they might come through a 'missed call' from an unknown number that you redial; or they might be upfront about what they are promoting, but have hidden charges.

You might be offered free or cheap ring tones, or the chance to win fantastic prizes.

When you reply to these messages or calls, you may find yourself disappointed in the product or signed up to a service you don't want or cannot stop. You could be left facing a huge phone bill.

If you receive a missed call or text message from an unknown number, the best thing to do is to delete the message or ignore the call.

Always do your homework before you agree to any offer you receive over your mobile and never agree to any offer that you are not completely sure about.

An old scam reappears

An old scam reappears - A neighbour had a visit last night at about 7.30pm, from a man who said he has been locked out of his house and did not have enough money to pay the locksmith. He wanted €16 and was quite credible but fortunately the neighbour knew the owner of the apartment of the address he gave and on questioning the scammer decided to quickly leave obviously knowing that he was found out. We live in a gated community and he still managed to get in, so please be aware that this is only one of the many scams doing there rounds at the moment, eg. Computer repair phone calls, cold calling electric and gas service engineers.

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