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O.A.R.S nhw

Observe, Acknowledge, Report and Share (O. A. R. S.)

Neighbours should know what is normal and what is out of the ordinary. Neighbourhood Watch in Spain helps neighbours observe their neighbourhood.
Neighbours acknowledge their neighbours. Good neighbours also acknowledge those people they don't know. They let possible intruders know they have been seen and observed.
Neighbours report suspicious activity and allow the police to take the best course of action as they see necessary. Police cannot respond to community problems if they are unaware of them.
Sharing information with the police and with your neighbours is a key to success. Knowledge is a powerful positive tool that prevents crime.

Violent Theft


On Wednesday evening, 5th November, a husband and wife had just left the terminal building at San Javier (Murcia) Airport and were approaching the road crossing to the car park area when they were robbed. A car raced up to the crossing stopped and two men leaped out of the car, one violently shoved the husband to the floor and stole their case whilst the other snatched the wife's handbag. The two men then quickly returned to the car which accelerated away with spinning wheels and raced off at high speed. The handbag contained all their money, bank cards and passports. Although the Guardia were present the incident was over on a matter of a few seconds and the car had disappeared before they could react.

This is an escalation with a certain amount of violence that has not been apparent on other thefts at our airports, please warn all neighbours and friends to be extra vigilant when arriving at and departing from 
airports and advise them to keep all valuables on their person preferably in a front pocket or waist bag hidden under a top or jacket."

The message applies to all airports in Spain.

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