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Thursday, 21 April 2011 16:01

Arrest of Two Men

The two men who have been causing trouble on El Raso were caught and arrested yesterday 20th April.  This was because,again they were seen in gardens and the owners took the car registration number and quickly informed the Guardia Civil who gave chase and arrested them.  A Good Result for everyone.
Thursday, 14 April 2011 12:46

Break-ins and Robberies

Friday 1st April - Villa Laguna Fase 1 Two men tryiing to break into the house, we believe this is the second attempt in 2 weeks.  Description of men not very good, one was wearing a white t/shirt and the other was all dressed in black. Nothing Taken.
Saturday 2nd April - Ras Gran. The robbers followed the old couple inside and cheekily walked passed the lady and took her bag off a side table.  Taken - Passport, Credit Cards and money.
Wednesday 6th April - Av L'Herba Bona. Force entry this time lady out visiting her husband in the hospital.  They forced the front gates and the front door.  Ramsacked the house.  Taken - Lap-Top, Microwave Oven and personal jewelry.
Thursday 7th April - Lagamar Fase 1.  Break-in through upstairs bathroom window (window removed) gained acess through next door neighbours garden.  Nothing was taken.
Over the weekend - Rayz Bar.  Lady had her bag stolen while having something to eat.
Tuesday 12th April - Joaquin Chapaprieta. A Dark Grey Ford Focus reg. No. 5403 GTB with two people in. The people were seen in someones garden and when approached they ran off to the car nearly running over the person calling for help.  One man was tall black aged about 30/40 and the second man was 50/60 and seemed to white european.
The Guardia and Police attended all these incidents within minutes of their being called.
Thursday, 07 April 2011 16:43

Guardamar El Raso Robberies

Over the last few days we have quite a few incidents on El Raso i.e:-

1.   Friday 1st April - Break into a house on Villa Laguana Phase 1.
      This the second attempt and they seem to be targeting house with rental cars outside.
      The description of the two men were one was dressed in a white t/shirt and the over all in black.
      They were spotted also driving a small black car - sorry no reg. no.  Nothing was taken this time.

2.    Saturday 2nd April - Robbery in Ras Gran
       The owners were followed into the house as they came back from shopping.  They were an elderly 
       couple and a laspe in concentration as they came in and they had left the gate open.  They cheekerly
       walked by the old lady and took her bag.  This time the got away with money,credit cards and  

3.    Wednesday 6th April - Av. L' herba Bona
       This time it was forced entry while the lady was out visiting her husband in hospital.
        They forced the front gate and the front door - taking Laptop,Mircrowave oven, and personal

4.     Thursday 7th April - Lagamar - Phase 1
        Break-in this afternoon through the bathroom window(window was removed) the gained acess
        to the house through the back garden of a neighbour's house.  Nothing was taken.

The Police and Guardia Civil attended all the robberies and break-ins within minutes but were unable to catch anyone.


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