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Home Security Checklist

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1. Are all outside doors in the house of metal or solid wood construction?
2. Are doorframes strong enough and tight enough to prevent forcing or spreading?
3. Are door hinges protected from removal from outside?
4. Are there windows in the door or within 40 inches of the locks?
5. Are all door locks adequate and in good repair?
6. Are strikes and strike plates adequate and properly installed with 3-inch screws?
7. If there are no windows in the door, is there a wide-angle viewer or voice intercom device?
8. Can the lock mechanism be reached through a mail slot or pet entrance at doorway?
9. Is there a grille door with an adequate lock?
10. Is exterior or front entrance lighted with at least a 40-watt light?
11. Can front entrance be observed from street or public areas?
12. Does porch or landscaping offer concealment from view from street or public areas?
13. If door is sliding glass door, is the sliding panel secured from being lifted out of the track?
14. Is a "charley-bar" or key-operated lock used on sliding glass door?

15. Are all entrances to living quarters from garage or underbuild of metal or solid wood construction?
16. Does door from garage to living quarters have locks adequate for exterior entrance?
17. Does door from basement to living quarters have an adequate lock operated from living quarters side?

18. Do all windows have adequate locks in operating condition?
19. Do windows have grilles that are fitted expertly into the walls?
20. Do any windows open onto areas that offer special risk to burglary?
21. If so, do these windows have security grilles?
22. Are exterior areas of windows free from concealing structure or landscaping?
23. Is exterior adequately lighted at all window areas?
24. Do any upper floor windows open onto porch or garage roofs or roofs of adjoining buildings?
25. If so, are they secured as adequately as if they were at ground level?
26. Are trees and shrubbery kept trimmed back from upper floor windows?
27. Are ladders kept outside the house where they are accessible?

28. Is there a door from outside to the basement/underbuild?
29. If so, is that door adequately secured for an exterior door?
30. Is outside basement/underbuild entrance lit by exterior light of at least 40 watts?
31. Is outside basement/underbuild door concealed from street or neighbours?
32. Are all basement windows adequately secured against entry?

33. Is garage equipped with adequate locking device?
34. Is garage door kept closed and locked at all times?
35. Are garage windows secured adequately for ground floor windows?
36. Is outside utility entrance to garage as secure as required for any ground floor entrance?
37. Are tools, ladders and other equipment kept in garage?
38. Are all garage doors lit on the outside by at least a 40-watt bulb?

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