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Minimising The Risk Of Handbag Theft

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These guidelines can equally apply to persons carrying a briefcase or other item. Statistically the rate of offending for this type of offence in Spain is high. Being alert and following the advice outlined in these guidelines will minimise the opportunities for theft and chances of becoming a Victim.

·  A thief intending to snatch a handbag will usually look for a person who presents the visual image of an easy target.
·  A thief’s attention is likely to be drawn to someone carrying a handbag in a carefree manner and held in a position from which it can be easily snatched, particularly if that person appears inattentive or oblivious of surroundings and is walking in a manner that conveys lack of confidence.

·  Displaying alertness, walking upright and briskly and appearing confident, with a handbag firmly held in a secure position, conveys a positive body language that is unattractive to a thief, and reduces the risk of becoming a Victim.

·  Be observant of any persons near you and consider carrying your handbag with the strap over your head and around your chest so that it cannot be suddenly snatched from behind. Take into account that if you wrap a handbag strap around your arm an injury could be sustained if the handbag is forcibly snatched.

·  If on a pavement, crossing the road, or walking in another place within close proximity to moving vehicles, hold your handbag so that it is facing away from passing traffic. This will deny the opportunity for any cyclist, motorcyclist or occupant of a motor vehicle to snatch your handbag whilst speeding by.

·  Try and avoid walking in isolated areas or alleys or similar locations that provide an opportunity for crime. Thieves favour locations offering cover and places of concealment where their activities are unlikely to be observed by others. Consider that areas, which may have good visibility by day, may be poorly illuminated at night.

·  Be wary of any person who approaches, who may seek to distract your vigilance by asking irrelevant questions. Retain a firm grip on your handbag and if you are suspicious of the person’s intentions, move it into a position from which it cannot be easily seized. Displaying a confident manner can act as a deterrent to a potential thief.

·  If you see anyone nearby whom you don’t like the look of, or who makes you feel uncomfortable, try and maintain a good distance to reduce any potential risk of your handbag being snatched.

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