Reminder to Remember

Now that the holiday season is starting it is worth remembering a few simple actions that can make for a happy and trouble free holiday.
1.  Keep your passports in a safe place.
2.  Only carry with you what is necessary for the outing.
3.  Where you are staying always lock doors,gates and close windows.
4.  On entering your car especially if on your own always use the central locking immediately.
5.  When using an ATM at a bank etc always be careful of your surroundings.These simple actions will greatly enhance your safety and security.

"Distraction theft" happens everywhere, ATM's at banks, markets and recently an increase in reports at super markets.
A visitor who on landing at Alicante airport decided to shop at a Mercadona supermarket before going to his home, as he walked down an aisle he was distracted by a young women who asked him a question -  the conversation lasting only a few seconds - unfortunately this was enough time for the accomplice to steal holiday money of 800 euros from a buttoned pocket in his "safari" shorts. By time he realised that this had happened the thieves had long gone. One of the least expensive and successful ways of preventing this type of theft has for many years now been to wear a "money belt" or similar and even then to carry with you only what is necessary for the shopping trip. Also due to thieves targeting tourists if you have rented a hire car it is very important that you do not advertise this fact and carefully remove the hire car sticker from the rear of the car for your increased safety.