Attempted Child Abduction

On 6 November in a playground within a park in Urbanisation Entre Naranjos (Vista Bella) a male person attempted to get an 8 year old English girl into his vehicle by force. Having previously been warned by her parents, the child fought off the man and managed to escape. Both the offender as well as the child suffered light injuries.  Whilst this matter has been denounced and the security services are aware, it is quite probable, especially in view of the fact that the offender did not achieve his aims, he could well try again.   This could happen in any town in the area in any place where children congregate.  The offender was seen for about an hour before the actual attack, watching the children playing. Description of alleged offender:- male, 'morrocan or Arabic appearance', 5,10 tall (1,78m), dark brown hair with a 'grey fringe'. The offender attempted to push the child into a waiting vehicle which had the engine running and the rear doors open: White, PEUGEOT PARTNER van.    Please therefore, warn all NHW coordinators asking them to pass on this information to as many neighbours as possible. Should anyone see a suspicious person of the following description in an area near to where children play, call the police (112) immediately.