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Holiday Warning

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A sombre warning for all of us at ANY airport or other congested location, e.g. Supermarkets, Open Air Markets, Busy Beach Fronts etc.  A couple of visitors arrived at the airport last Monday and were robbed in the lift.


It would seem that there were two women, one with a suitcase at the front of the lift blocking the door in and the other women at the back of the lift.  By the time the visitors had reached the level they needed to get off  to collect their car, the man's shoulder bag had been unzipped and everything removed and zipped up again.  It was only when he went to get money out ready for the toll that it  was noticed!  The next 3 days of the holiday was spent sorting temporary passports and reporting the loss of cards driving licence etc.  Please learn from this experience and pass the information on to all neighbours and friends stressing the importance keeping all documents and money totally secure on one's person to ensure a stress free holiday.

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