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UV Marking of your property

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Did you know that you can mark your property with a UV pen so, in the unfortunate event of it being stolen, there is a much better chance of having it returned to you.  UV Pens and lamps are only €5 and can be ordered by contacting Geoff Salter on 620417777.    The ´Property Marking Scheme' was set up with the full support of the Guardia Civil and Policia Local and their units have been issued with UV lamps so that they can scan any stolen property that may be recovered.  Property should be marked with the householder’s NIE number.  It is also recommended that you keep a list of property including make, serial number and colour.


To obtain the return of stolen goods you must have filed a ‘denuncia’ with local police when the crime took place.  Police will not return your item unless you have filed a proper police report previously.  It is a good idea to photograph your valuables and keep the photos in a safe place along with the receipts for these items.  That way, if you do ever get robbed, you have a better chance of getting your items back should the police recover them.  More details.


Useful Forms

We have compiled a collection of useful documents that you can download to your computer and print out.



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