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Beware doorstep callers!

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Well, we all know about the fraudulent 'Gas Man'.  Now, it seems, the latest version is the 'Water Man' fraud!   According to the Spanish press, AGAMED, the local water company, have detected "False technicians selling water filters".   The report states that AGAMED are warning the public against these fraudsters who pass as water board inspectors, in a manner very simliar to the 'fraudulent gas man', gain admission to residents homes (at their invitation) and, once inside, insist that they purchase some kind of 'mineral filter' which, according to AGAMED is "unecessary and expensive".
Needless to say, the majority of their victims are the elderly or possibly, non-Spaniards who are made to beleive that access to their homes and the work done is obligatory.   In some cases, victims have paid over up to 1,000€!   As with the 'fraudulent  gas man', these con-men work on the border of legality and are difficult to catch. Sometimes they wear a 'uniform' (or part uniform) and carry some kind of identifiction document - all part of the act.   Please re-iterate the warning to ALL; especially those most vunerable. The message is, once again:  DO NOT PERMIT ENTRY TO YOUR HOME TO ANY PERSON WITHOUT A PREVIOUS, WRITTEN APPOINTMENT. BEWARE OF UNSOLICITED CALLERS WHETHER THEY WEAR A UNIFORM OR NOT!
If in any doubt, call the POLICE!

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