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Written by ray Wednesday, 27 July 2011 16:21
REPORTING A CRIME: If you see a crime being committed or are a victim of a crime then you MUST report it to the Guardia Civil, who are the only law enforcement agency with the powers to investigate crime. IMMEDIATELY CALL 112, this is very similar to the 999 call in the UK, the operators of the 112 system speak several languages and will pass on your information to the nearest Guardia office, in the Campoverde/Pilar area this is in Torre de la Horadada, they may also inform the your Policia Local. After your 112 call then call the Pilar de la Horadada Policia Local, the staion number is: 965 352 334, and the Campoverde Policia Local Mobile number is 616 024 393, pleasedo this even if you believe the 112 Operator may have informed them. You may be required to make a "Denuncia", this is simply a Police Report of the incident, an aide-memoir is available from the NHW Home Page in several languages including, Spanish, English and German, simply click on Reporting Crime. For minor incidents report them directly to the Policia Local they will not be in the least concerned if it turns out to be a false alarm, The Chief of Police has requested that Campoverde residents should always call the Policia Local if they feel that anything is not quite right. Note; the Policia Local will not divulge your details to anyone else, but if you are at all worried contact your local NHW Coordinator or LEAD COORDINATOR; RAY MARSH on 965 064 360 or POLICE LIASON COORDINATOR; JAMES HERBERT on 659 883 516. UNDER "REPORTING CRIME" on the NHW HOME PAGE you will find other forms to help you report a crime besides the Aide-Memoire for the DENUNCIA or Crime Report.

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