Written by ray Wednesday, 04 March 2015 08:42
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THE LAW ON DANGEROUS DOGS Amongst the more common breeds of dog considered dangerous are: Doberman, Bull Mastiff, Rottweiler and ALL breeds of Bull Terrier. Owners of these dogs are required by Law to obtain a Licence and Insurance for Civil Liability with a minimum cover of €120,000 and they also have a legal obligation to ensure that their dogs are correctly vaccinated and registered with a Vet. The owner of a dog listed under this Law found without a licence for their dog can face a fine of between €3,000 and €15,000. If the dog is taken to a Vet the Vet has a legal obligation to notify the Spanish authorities of the dog and owner’s details. It is also a legal requirement that ALL listed dogs MUST be muzzled at ALL TIMES when in public, i.e. outside the owner’s property, failure to muzzle a dog can result in a hefty fine. Recently prosecutors in Madrid have requested prison sentences for offenders. PETS IN CARS The law concerning carrying pets in cars has been strengthened. ALL pets must be either behind a fixed screen at the rear of the vehicle or secured in a specially designed carrying box. Driving with an unsecured pet or one held on a passenger’s lap could land the driver with a very large fine and loss of points on their licence. SCAMS The internet has provided us with an amazing tool to transfer information around the world, unfortunately it has also given crooks an easy means of relieving innocent people of their hard earned money. There are hundreds of different scams but most rely on one thing, the victim of the scam must supply the crooks with information about either their bank or credit card details, the others require the victim to send them money. Information recently released shows that every year one person in 14 in the UK falls victim to a scam and that thieves make £3.5 billion from scams every year. DO NOT JOIN THE LOSERS – NEVER EVER RESPOND TO A REQUEST BY MAIL OR INTERNET FOR MONEY OR YOUR BANK OR CARD DETAILS. Only give your details or pay for transactions that you have initiated with organisations you know and trust
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