Written by ray Friday, 27 April 2012 10:19
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HOME SECURITY Burglaries of houses within the Pilar area have greatly increased over the past few months but not here in Campoverde, this is very much due to the vigilance of the residents together with NHW. By taking the following simple precautions we can ensure that we keep the thieves out of our properties. 1. Alarms. Fit an alarm and ALWAYS set it when leaving your property unattended. If you can zone your alarm arrange it so you can alarm the unused parts of your property when retiring for the night. 2. Gates. Keep your gates shut and locked at all times and when outside lock any doors not in full view. Do not go into the house and leave valuables outside on a table or loungers beside the pool. 3. Lighting. Use timers on table lamps so that they switch on at dusk and off late at night. When away from your home leave a hall or passage light on so that it shines through a window. 4. Windows. By all means sleep with your window open but make sure that items such as handbags or keys cannot be ’fished’ this also applies to any windows not fitted with security locks. 5. Patio Doors. Patio doors are an easy access point for thieves so fit them with a security bolt that prevents them being slid open. 6. Handbags and Wallets. Ladies! Think twice before going out with your handbag, and Gentlemen make sure you keep your wallet in a secure pocket. Only carry sufficient cash that you will need for the day, but above all remember – IF YOU DO NOT NEED IT, DO NOT TAKE IT WITH YOU.
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