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Written by ray Wednesday, 28 March 2012 17:31
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BOGUS POLICE ON MOTORWAYS Recently whilst driving around Madrid on the motorway two men in an unmarked car waving an identity card stopped a British family in a British plated car. When they were approached, they saw that the “Police agents” were in civilian clothes, fortunately the driver of the car realized what was happening and when he showed this the “Police” drove off. Remember that Spanish Police do not use unmarked cars to stop people, except unmarked traffic cars which usually pull in front of the vehicle to be stopped with illuminated signs showing that they are Police. They will also be in Police uniform. If you experience such an occurrence do not stop unless forced to do so. Then pull in some distance behind the “Police” vehicle and when the “agents” have vacated their car, leave the scene as quickly as possible. If possible, obtain the number of the “Police” car and immediately call the 112 service to report the incident. BANK AND LOTTERY SCAMS Yes, I know we have warned about this several times but according to the UK police these scams make £70 million (€100 million) a year. Anyone using the Internet is likely to receive very authentic looking emails from several banks stating that the bank security system is being updated and asking for personal details. The Lottery scam works in a similar way. You are informed by email or letter that you have won sum of money and your bank details are requested so that the money can be paid into your account, sometimes 2 or 3 emails/letters are sent before your bank details are requested. NEVER EVER pass bank or credit card details to a third party unless you have initiated the transaction yourself. TRAFFIC FINES With the loss of much of their income from the construction industry many Councils have ordered their Policia Local to increase the amount of money that is collected via traffic fines. This means that the Policia are clamping down on motorists who use mobile phones whilst on the move, are not wearing seat belts, park illegally etc. Many of the fines can be very heavy, one resident was fined €500 for not wearing his seat belt, then another €1,500 for having no insurance – you have been warned.
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