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Written by ray Wednesday, 14 September 2011 14:36
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UV PROPERTY MARKING INITIATIVE In 2009 The Neighbourhood Watch in Spain Association, with the full support of the Guardia Civil and Policia Local, has launched a 'Property Marking Scheme' using UV pens. The pens are used to mark any item of value, when dry the marking is invisible unless put under a UV Lamp.. Guardia Civil and Policia Local units have been issued with UV lamps so that they can scan any stolen property that may be recovered. Property should be marked with the householder’s DNI/NIE number. Householders should make a list of all the property marked with the make and serial number, value and, where relevant, the colour and also where the item is UV marked. To obtain the return of stolen goods you must have filed a ‘denuncia’ with Guardia Civil in Torre de la Horadada when the crime took place. Police will not return any item unless a proper police report, a Denuncia, had previously been filled out. It is a good idea to photograph your valuables and keep the photos in a safe place along with the receipts for these items, the photos may be kept on a digital camera memory card or downloaded onto a memory stick. Should you ever have the misfortune to be robbed, you have a better chance of getting your items back should the police recover them. Pens and forms to list your marked items are available from any NHW Coordinator or from Lead Coordinator Ray Marsh on: 966763258.
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