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Fire Warning

Written by ray Wednesday, 27 July 2011 15:40
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FIRE KILLS: We live in a very high risk fire area and in the summer and autumn the green areas are tinder dry and present a very high incendiary risk. Fires in pine trees can spread at an alarming rate very quickly endangering both life and property and they are very difficult to extinguish. The four commonest causes of fire in the open are: 1. A carelessly thrown cigarette or match. 2. Broken glass acting as a magnifying glass. 3. Youngsters playing with matches etc. 4. B.B.Qs. Fire prevention action is simple: 1 DO NOT discard cigarettes or matches without first ensuring they are completely extinguished. 2 ALWAYS take bottles, whole or broken, home with you. 3 EDUCATE youngsters about the very serious dangers involved with cigarettes, matches and lighters. 4 BE VERY CAREFUL when using a B.B.Q. NOTE B.B.Qs are only allowed on private property or in specific, designated areas in the countryside. 5 Householders who have wooded gardens should CLEAR AWAY the dead undergrowth and PRUNE off the lower branches of trees, especially pine trees. 6 NEVER attempt to burn garden rubbish. Please Note that anyone found guilty of starting a fire, deliberately or otherwise may find themselves saddled with a very large bill to pay for the fire fighting costs and this often involved the very costly use of helicopters or aircraft to carry water to the fire.
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