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Campoverde How to Avoid Pickpockets, Handbag Snatches & Distraction Thefts
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HOW TO AVOID DECEPTION THEFTS, HANDBAG SNATCHES AND PICKPOCKETS . Please try to take the following precautions. 1. Do not take your Passports with you, have them photocopied, reduced and sealed in plastic at a Papaleria for about € 2 or get a Notarised copy made for around €5. 2. If you are not intending to use your bank or credit cards leave them at home. 3. Do not label your keys so that if they are lost or stolen they cannot be traced back to your house. 4. Always carry your handbag to the front and ensure it is always closed. 5. Keep your wallet or purse in a secure pocket, preferably to the front and if possible zipped closed. 6. When paying your bill do not show the amount of money in your purse, wallet or pocket. 7. If you believe you are being watched when using a cash point cancel the transaction and use another machine. 8. Be aware of the deception thieves, if approached by a stranger when on foot or in your car do not respond to them, walk or drive away or lock the car doors and sound your horn. 9. When parking your car do not leave items of value on display and do not openly put them in your boot and ladies do not travel with your handbag on the front seat and do not put your handbag in the front of the car whilst loading shopping into the boot. 10. When using local markets, supermarkets or shopping malls be extra vigilant as this is where most pickpockets and deception thieves operate from. 11. Should you see or be involved in an incident inform Policia Local or telephone 112 immediately. Finally always remember: IF YOU DO NOT NEED IT – DO NOT TAKE IT WITH YOU
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