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Written by ray Wednesday, 27 July 2011 15:09
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NHW AIRPORT SECURITY ADVICE The warmer weather usually brings with it family and friends escaping the cold and damp of more northern parts. Our local airports have been targeted by thieves who sense that people arriving on holiday tend to let their guard down. The following simple advice if followed will hopefully prevent you and your visitors from becoming victims of these individuals and gangs at Alicante or any other airport. WHEN ARRIVING OR DEPARTING a. DO NOT put handbags, briefcases, computer cases or other small or lightweight bags on your baggage trolley. Either keep them in your hand or place them in the smaller compartment, keeping hold of the handle. b. DO NOT put money, passports, wallets, purses, credit cards or other valuable in your luggage, keep them secure on your person inside a closed, buttoned or zipped inner pocket. WHEN COLLECTING YOUR CAR a. If picking up a hire car DO NOT accept offers of help with your baggage from someone purporting to be from the hire company. b. When loading your luggage in or out of the car boot DO NOT put handbags or other small items on the front seats and at all times keep the luggage trolley close to the rear of the car. c. BE AWARE of distraction thieves who may approach and ask for change for the parking meter, ask for directions or point out a supposed flat tyre or scratch on your car. Their aim is to distract you whilst they or an accomplice snatches an item(s) of luggage. d. When returning your trolley remember to lock your car doors first. e. Remove the Hire Company sticker from the rear window of the car, this marks you out as a tourist and so more susceptible to a theft attempt. WHEN LEAVING THE AIRPORT Firstly lock your car doors as soon as you move off and DO NOT STOP: a. If flashed by another car. b. If someone points to one of your wheels indicating a problem c. To help anyone who apparently has broken down. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY d. If bumped by another car drive to a well-lit area with plenty of people around before checking your vehicle. WHEN YOU ARRIVE AT YOUR HOLIDAY HOME Do not leave the car unattended or the boot open whist unloading your luggage. If any of the above happens note the other car registration number and make a big show of using your mobile phone. Remember despite the horror stories, thousands of passengers pass through Alicante and other local airports each week without mishap.
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