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Written by ray Thursday, 02 February 2017 16:23
SCAMS Despite the numerous warnings in the newspapers and NHW Newsletters residents in Campoverde continue to be victims of scams. Following the simple advice given here will prevent you from becoming a victim of these thieves. INTERNET AND TELEPHONE SCAMS Internet and Telephone Scams in Spain increased during 2016 , please be careful not to fall victim to these thieves who collect millions of pounds from their activities. The internet has provided us with an amazing tool to transfer information around the world; unfortunately it has also given crooks an easy means of relieving innocent people of their hard earned money. There are hundreds of different scams but most rely on one thing, the victim of the scam must supply the crooks with information about either their bank or credit card details, the others require the victim to send them money. Telephone Scams such as the Microsoft one work because the caller gets the confidence of the victim before asking for money or details of Credit Cards. Information recently released shows that every year one person in 14 in the UK is a victim of a scam and that thieves make over £3.5 BILLION from scams every year. DO NOT JOIN THE LOSERS – NEVER EVER RESPOND TO A REQUEST BY MAIL, TELEPHONE OR INTERNET FOR MONEY OR YOUR BANK OR CARD DETAILS. Only give your details or pay for transactions that you have initiated with organisations you know and trust.


Written by ray Thursday, 24 March 2016 19:07
KEY HOLDERS Anyone holding keys for a friend or neighbours property are advised to get an ‘Authority to Enter Premises Form’ completed by the homeowner, this simply states that the key holder has the owner’s permission to enter the property. There have recently been instances where, after a burglary, the Guardia and Police have refused to enter a property without the owner’s permission. This obviously can cause long delays in getting any incident investigated and insurance claims submitted. Forms are available on the NHW web site or from NHW coordinators. POLICIA LOCAL If you SEE or HEAR ANYTHING that appears unusual or out of the ordinary then IMMEDIATELY telephone the Policia Local on their mobile number. The Policia will not mind in the least if it is a false alarm, they are only too willing to respond to any call for help. BREAK-INS There have been several break-ins in Campoverde when the thieves have not had to force their way in, they have ‘fished’ the keys through a window and let themselves in and in other instances they gained entry via an open front door, an open patio door or through an unlocked window not protected by a reja. The following simple precautions can prevent this: 1. 1.NEVER leave keys or valuables on view that may be fished through a window. 2. 2.Ensure ALL patio doors are fitted with a bolt lock to prevent them being opened from the outside, this includes doors with a reja. 3.Fit a bolt to ANY window that is not protected by a reja. If you see any of these people walking or driving slowly around a residential area inform the Policia Local immediately on their mobile number, they will investigate and will not consider it a waste of time. Where possible make a note of the make, colour and most importantly, the number plate of any vehicle Emergencies 112 then Policia Local Campoverde Policia Local Mobile 616 024 393 NHW - Ray Marsh: 965 064 360 NHW - James Herbert: 659 883 516


Written by ray Thursday, 25 February 2016 15:19
HANDBAG THEFT 1. Ladies – NEVER EVER put your handbag or other valuables on the seat next to you, ALWAYS put them out of sight. 2. Do not put anything of value on the front seat of your car whilst loading shopping into the boot, keep valuable items with you at all times. 3. NEVER EVER leave your car unlocked, even when paying for your fuel at a petrol station. 4. DO NOT put yourself in danger by confronting thieves, simply make a note of their description(s) and if a vehicle is involved note the Make, Colour and, most importantly, the Registration Number. If carrying a mobile phone take a photograph of the thief and vehicle. Then IMMEDIATELY call the Policia Local on either the mobile number, 696 962 343 or the Station number 965 352 334, OR call 112 THE FISHERMAN The method used is to “fish” for handbags etc through an open window. The thieves do not just look for an open window but have lifted and opened widows that do not have a security bolt fitted. For their fishing rod they may be using one of the telescopic rods as sold by the looky-looky men but they have also used the winding poll used to open and close exterior sunblinds. They do not confine themselves to ground floor windows, as they have been disturbed on a first floor patio. The best way to prevent these thefts is to ensure that at night and when you leave the house empty you leave nothing in sight that could be “fished” through a window. BOGUS ELECTRICITY TECHNICIAN. This scam consists of fake Iberdrola Engineers calling at houses saying that they have to check the electricity meter. These people appear correctly dressed and carry documentation that appears genuine. After inspecting the meter they claim that it has to be changed at a cost of €500 and ask for payment.Iberdrola have had numerous people calling and have issued a statement saying, ”Iberdrola would NEVER send an employee to a person’s residence and request payment. Invoices will ALWAYS be mailed to the property owner.”
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