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Neighbourhood Watch is one of the largest most successful crime reduction initiatives in the UK and here in Spain the association, known as Vecinos Cooperando y Colaborando de España, has proved very successful and has helped people to feel safer in their homes and  reduced crime.

Behind it lies a simple idea and a central value shared by thousands. Neighbourhood schemes can help to reduce crime and the opportunities for crime. They can make people aware of ways to protect their property by providing advice, encouraging closer communities and helping and reassuring those who live in fear of crime.

Neighbourhood schemes are not just about reducing crime, they are about creating communities that care about each other.  They can bring local people of every nationality together and can make a contribution to improving their lives.  Neighbourhood schemes can be as large or as small as the community wants.  For example, it can be just one street, a small village or a large city.

The scheme is led by a volunteer lead coordinator whose job it is to seek other volunteers as coordinators for a street or an agreed area. Their joint task is to get the community/people working together to ensure ensure a free flow of information is generated and that actions are taken and problems  resolved.

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